There are clients that help you achieve a higher level of service.

As a step towards increasing our growth as a company, and to help other companies evolve, a job opportunity was created in a partnership.

In 2015, we had one of our most demanding experiences, but it also became a milestone in our company. 

At the end of 2014, we were searching for an opportunity to develop a presence in the united states as a furniture supplier specializing in woodwork.  However, it was not easy find an open door so we contacted many potential clients we could work for. In the end we found an opportunity through our web of counselors to join a collaborative project.  We worked with a company called Paloma Creations who were in need o f a higher manufacturing capacity. 

We started worktables and meetings; we delivered samples; but above all, we mad a solid compromise to provide a solution and acquire the required supplies.  It would not be an easy task, since we had to fulfill the expectations of a client like Tartan Fields; A golf club whose mission is to provide comfort and entertainment to its members.

There was great expectation. We would oversee much of the workload to create the furniture and interiors. (those that would be made from wood)




And that is how the challenge began.  We acquired new equipment, materials, and trained our personnel in techniques which weren’t part of the standard operations of the company.

Everything on paper was perfect to take us to the new levels of service we were after.  Nonetheless as in any project of such magnitude, we wood never loose sight of the budget, the reach of our agreement, or the time of delivery.

It was a challenging project, but thanks to the constant compromise and learning opportunities, we achieved a well-received delivery, without penalizations and without major problems.

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